Echoes From Space [Mixdown Preview]

by emitremmus



Bewitched by the stars, fascinated by the planets, literally kidnapped by the galaxies and lost in the infinite universe, these are just some of the dreamy feelings that the listener is subjected to, listening "Echoes From Space", the brand-new album composed by Emitremmus.

It's a dreamy, special and tenderly lovable full-lenght electronic ambient album with touches of funky guitars here and there, crispy and fat synths and deep kicks beat. It will contains 12 mind-blowing tracks for more than 40 minutes of dreaming feelings with round and shaped melodic harmonics.

The entire album is inspired by and dedicated to stars and galaxies over the sky; it want to be a perfect medative and trascendent voyage in music and everything is studied to recreate dreaming atmosphere and surreal feelings.

*Awesome goosebump here*


released May 4, 2014



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emitremmus Italy

While not has a preferred style, the music composed by Emitremmus can be mainly categorized as “electronic listening”, once to the exploration and experimentation of different musical styles, among which we find Chillout, New Age, Electronic Music and Dark Ambient.

The ability to build a universe of sounds, abstract concepts and easy listening music led him to produce intimate weird music.
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